I am a Senior Vice President at Conservation International, where -- as head of the Betty and Gordon Moore Center for Science -- I lead CI’s research, technical assistance, and capacity-building efforts.  My research focuses on governance and biodiversity conservation, particularly the emergence, evolution, and impacts of conservation interventions.  I am a former AAAS Fellow, with research and policy experience in Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and the United States. I have published widely on the social dimensions of biodiversity conservation and provided technical support to numerous government agencies, conservation organizations, and donors.  I previously served as President of the Board of Governors for the Society for Conservation Biology (the first social scientist to do so), founding co-Editor in Chief of Conservation Letters, founding President of the Society for Conservation Biology’s Social Science Working Group (SCB SSWG), and as Social Science Representative to the SCB Board. In 2011, I received the SCB Early Career Award for my work to advance conservation social science and its application to conservation policy.  I hold a Ph.D. in Environmental Politics and Policy from Duke University and a bachelor's degree from Bowdoin College.

Innovation and collaboration are hallmarks of my research.  Current projects examine the links between coral reef conservation and local livelihoods in Indonesia (MPAmystery.org); legal changes that temper, shrink, or eliminate national parks and protected areas (PADDDtracker.org); and the social factors that catalyze widespread conservation action (#ConservationGoesViral).  These studies involve students, faculty, and conservation practitioners from around the globe, laying the foundation for the next generation of conservation science and policy.